Chris Hemsworth will be reprising his role as black ops mercenary Tyler Rake in a second rendition of the Extraction movie, confirms a Netflix teaser.

Netflix originally made this revelation during their ongoing fan festival, TUDUM, that Hemsworth will be coming back with a sequel.

The actor will reteam on the follow-up film with director Sam Hargrave, as well as producers Joe and Anthony Russo.

In the original movie, we follow as Tyler Rake’s efforts to rescue Ovi Mahajan (Rudhraksh Jaiswal)—the son of an Indian crime lord—go awry, as Rake is double-crossed.

At the end of the last film, it did not look very hopeful for Hemsworth character, who had fallen off a bridge, into the water, upon taking a bullet. However, in this new teaser, as he reaches the bed of the river, “Tyler, you drown not by falling into the river,” Mahajan says in voiceover, “but by staying submerged in it.” It is then that Rake propels himself up from the river’s bottom, in a bid to survive.

Then comes the hashtag against a dark backdrop, “#RAKELIVES,” before we see “Extraction 2,” beneath which there is an affirmation of its eventual arrival.

“We talked about that extensively. Truthfully, I always walk around my house or walk around town looking for ways to do something fun or different with action. I kind of think as if there’s a camera behind my eyes all the time like, ‘What would be an interesting way to capture this?’, ‘Oh, that’d be cool.’ So, I’m always cataloguing and trying to get different, fun ways to capture action and different action set pieces that would be great. Joe and I talked a lot about that, pitched some ideas, bounced them around, and I’m just excited for the challenge,” said the director.

Last year, Joe Russo had revealed that the follow-up movie was going to be a fall-2021 production. So, the film will not be releasing in 2021.

Extraction became the most-watched Netflix movie of all time upon its April 2020 debut, pulling in 99M households worldwide in its first four weeks on the streamer.

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