In an interview, the MCU stunt coordinator turned director Sam Hargrave has stated that the Chris Hemsworth-starrer Extraction has the potential for a sequel and that the studio executives are gung ho about working on it. While the Netflix thriller received negative reviews based on the screenplay, Hemsworth’s acting and the action sequences were praised.

While Hargrave told Collider that a sequel was never part of the plan, he also revealed that Netflix had asked him to leave the story open-ended.

“It wasn’t something (discussed) on set. As soon as it got mentioned, that thought of a sequel – because, I guess, Netflix was enjoying the dailies and things were coming together and people were like, ‘Oh, this could be…’. You know, you talk about all these things. Is it a franchise? Is it all these things? Who knows until the movie comes out and the audience responds. They’ll be the ones who decide. But it was talked about,” he said, according to Filmibeat.

“As soon as it was, Joe brought up an interesting point that most of the time, you get a sequel. Rarely do you go back in time into prequels. […] You get the sense that Chris and Harbour have great chemistry […] so we thought that was a very interesting way – if you were to go backwards in time – that you could play with the prequel to a story like this,” he added.