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5 Bollywood Actors And Their Terrible Film Choices

We hope they learn from their mistakes.

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Last week, we had the misfortune of watching the colossal disaster that Begum Jaan was. Considering Vidya Balan has given us such memorable performances in recent times, we had great expectations from the movie. But, once we were halfway through the first half, we knew that we had made the wrong decision by watching it. But, we wasted just two hours. Vidya wasted months by shooting for it. She shouldn’t have done so, but she isn’t the only good actor who has made a horrific error of judgment. Here are some more. 

Kangana Ranaut

We all thought that Kangana Ranaut was invincible when it comes to selecting movies, but our beliefs were shattered after watching Rangoon. A senseless love triangle, that had us  befuddled. It also had a bizarre ending that had us in splits, for the wrong reasons. That said, we are still big Kangana fans and we hope that she doesn’t do a similar movie again. 

Irrfan Khan

One of the finest actors of the world, Irrfan Khan has done a lot of good movies in his career like Maqbool, Slumdog Millionaire and The Lunchbox. And even though he comes close to being artistically perfect, he has made some terrible film choices as well. Two films that stand out from the pile are Jazbaa and Gunday.  

Nawazzuddin Siddiqui

Nawazzuddin Siddiqui’s career as a Bollywood actor kicked off pretty late, but it gathered steam pretty quickly. He played the role of Faizal Khan in Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 like a dream, and earned himself a lot of fans. Unfortunately, all his film choices haven’t been as accurate. Siddiqui disappointed us with his roles in two Salman Khan films – Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Kick. Even though the films did really well at the box office, we found them incredibly lame. In fact, we would give all Salman films an L certificate (lame) if we had the power. 

Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol seemed like a guy who always made good choices, and hit artistic gold right from his debut film Socha Na Tha with Ayesha Takia. He preferred choosing low-budget, content driven films above commercial blockbusters. Which is why we were shocked when we saw him in Aisha, a terrible romantic comedy with a wafer-thin plot. 

Jim Sarbh

We haven’t seen Raabta, but we already know that it was terrible for Jim Sarbh to take the decision to do the film. After all, you don’t have to eat an egg to know it’s rotten, you can smell it. The only plausible reason for Sarbh to have taken up such a bad role is lots of money, in which case, we totally understand. Even Z-grade films are fine, if you’re getting paid a lot. 

PS: A special mention for Naseeruddin Shah, who was a part of the nightmare (read: Begum Jaan) that we endured this weekend. Even though, Shah had a blink and miss role, the scenes were terrible enough for him to find a place on this distinguished list.