You are currently viewing 5 Indian films for the perfect Halloween horror movie marathon

5 Indian films for the perfect Halloween horror movie marathon

Too cool to go out for those witches-and-bitches parties? Call a bunch of your buddies over, pop a few beers open and veg out with Bollywood’s spooky best. After all, who said Halloween cannot be a desi do?


Mahal (1949)

Mahal is considered as Bollywood’s first horror movie. Trust us, black and white can be one scary movie experience. With top notch actors and a gripping plotline (and thankfully, minimal special effects), this film is quite a good start for a Halloween evening.

Spook quotient: Occasional chills down the spine.

Grub ideas: Popcorn and beer, chicken nuggets and onion rings.


Bees Saal Baad (1962)

A mysterious woman walks around at midnight through a deserted field, crooning a haunting tune – this iconic visual became the standard template for Bollywood’s horror formula after this film. Not to mention that BSB become the highest grosser in 1962. Loosely based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Hound of Baskervilles’, Bees Saal Baad remains quite a chilling affair even so many decades later.

Spook quotient: Not for the faint-hearted.

Grub ideas: Hot wings and crispy lamb sliders.


Raat (1992)

Many say that Raat is RGV’s best film till date. Starring Revathy and a host of other experienced actors, Raat has all the masala for a solid horror flick – haunted houses, spirit possessions, creepy cats and dramatic exorcisms. Minus the clunky special effects. Nuanced, menacing and backed with a solid plot, Raat is definitely a highlight in this marathon. Also, you will never think cats are cute after watching this film.

Spook quotient: “Don’t wanna go to the bathroom alone, dude. Come with me, will you?”

Grub ideas: Calcutta-style mutton rolls or chicken shawarmas.


Ragini MMS (2011)

Yes, yes, we know Ragini MMS is inspired by the American supernatural horror Paranormal Activity (stop with the rant already) but you have to agree that the Indian version is fantastic in its own right. A horny couple who are in a perpetual state of blue balls because of supernatural interruptions – this is horrex gold.

Spook quotient: Sleepless nights

Grub ideas: Mutton biryani and a lot of vodka.


Ludo (2015)

A lot of us believe that Ludo is the scariest Indian film till date. Qaushiq Mukherjee aka Q loves shocking his audiences. Ludo is about four teenagers who, to bump uglies and do other un-Christian stuff, decide to spend the night in an abandoned mall. However, soon enough, the night turns from naughty-naughty to absolutely terrifying when an old woman and a ludo board enter the picture.

The trailer of the film might just be the goriest Indian audiences have ever seen. From copious amounts of blood, nasty violence, slasher porn and hints of brutal cannibalism, Ludo has enough of everything.

Spook quotient: Statutory warning – Watch at your own risk. We mean it.

Grub ideas: Chuck the solid stuff and get yourselves a stiff drink. Or three.


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