Today is Manoj Bajpayee’s birthday, and even though the talented actor has played memorable roles in films like Satya, Shool and Aligarh, we would like to take a look at his forgettable films instead. After all, he has been a part of so many.

Just like we want to reverse so many decisions from our past life, we are sure Bajpayee would like to go back in time and not sign these disasters.

Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar

Don’t take it to heart, Manoj, but this was one of the worst movie decisions of your life.


A movie that had both Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty – this movie was a torturous experience, that totally deserved all the abuses that it got.

Acid Factory

If we could, we would buy acid and burn all the prints of this horrible movie so that no one has to see it.


Arjun Kapoor is a bad actor. Period. Playing a villain to him, was something that Manoj could really have done without.

LOC Kargil

A lot of people made the error of working with JP Dutta on this colossal disaster. It was so bad that if we show it to the Pakistan army whenever the next war takes place, they would surrender without firing a bullet.