After all the buildup to the 2017 Oscars and the near-viral popularity of La La Land, it would be an upset if the film doesn’t take home a bunch of the top honours. In fact, here’s why there could even be a Titanic-like situation with this frontrunner.

Already been winning

The trend from the previous Academy Awards favour the movies that have already collected trophies at award gatherings leading up to the Oscars. And after its record success at the likes of the Golden Globes, it could be safe to presume a sparkling show from the musical yet again.

Reviews matter, not

Some critics have argued that Moonlight and Manchester By The Sea are more accomplished films than La La Land and thus more deserving of the awards. But over the years, critic favourites have failed to land the top spots in many leading categories.

Hollywood’s darling

Murmurings of a backlash won’t stop the movie high-kicking its way to the podium on Oscar night either. Steeped in its loving references to the medium’s past, the movie is a toast to Hollywood now inviting a toast back.

Oddsmakers confident

La La Land is a 1-6 favourite to win Best Picture among bet makers while helmer Damien Chazelle is 1-25 to win Best Director. Also, shoo-ins include Emma Stone as the bookies top choice to grab the black lady in the Best Actress category.

Box Office winner

One might distance box office collections from Oscar wins but it is hard to ignore the fact that La La Land has been Hollywood’s highest grosser from the previous year. With more than $340million in its kitty, all fans will be backing their favourite movie from 2016 to win big on Oscar night.