Make no mistake, we love these superheroes. However, we feel that they are so done to death, that the novelty factor is gone. Why can’t we have new superheroes rather than rehashing the same stuff from decades ago.

Our sincere apologies if you’re a die-hard fan of these superheroes, but honestly, we think the world needs new saviours.  



Probably, the most done to death superhero of all times. Superman’s great but production studios should leave him alone. We already know all about him, so just seeing him fly and pull off incredible stunts with smooth VFX doesn’t float our boat.


Like Superman, we’re sick of seeing Batman in his batmobile. Also, it’ll be difficult to top Christopher Nolan’s trilogy on the character, so it’s best if it’s left alone.


Spiderman may be amazing, but he is also old and ageing. Surely, we could do without more films on him. Jumping in between buildings, and saving the world with his ability to spin a web no longer excites us.  


Hulk may be strong as hell, but the impact created by him on screen is certainly not. We’d instead prefer another giant character (preferably not green) with a different backstory.

Iron Man

Nobody can pull off Iron Man better than Robert Downey Jr. and it’s best that no actor ever tries to. He will not be able to match up to his aura, so it’s best if millions of dollars are not invested in trying to create another Iron Man.