At the IIFA Awards 2017, Salman Khan tortured us all by putting his singing skills on display. Needless to say, his effort fell flat on its face, much like Bhai’s Eid release, Tubelight. While we respect the man for all the adulation and fan following that he has achieved, we really think he should take a chill pill and not do these activities.  


From Hangover to Main Huu Hero Tera, we are as confused about why Salman Khan chooses to sing as the scientists at NASA are about life on other galaxies. Salman has a lot of fans and more money than he can ask for. He doesn’t need to embarrass himself.  


Well, Salman Khan has been accused in a hit and run case, and even though we won’t like to call him guilty until he has been proven so, we would like the Sultan actor to quit driving. Let his driver handle the steering wheel instead.


Salman’s known to have one drink too many at times. His infamous fight with SRK was also a result of too much alcohol in his system. Also, considering his age, Salman might want to quit the bottle so as to prolong his career in Bollywood.


Very often, Salman makes tweets that can leave you with a WTF feeling. Earlier, we had unearthed some gems which you should read at your own risk. Also, it’ll be nice if Salman hires someone to do his tweeting – and that person must know proper English, and possess common sense.

Crying out loud

From Tadap Tadap Ke to Tere Naam to Sau Dard, Salman Khan loves sad songs. It’s also assumed that he can’t get over his exes like Aishwarya and Katrina. Mr. Khan, you so need a crash course in moving on.