This Sunday, Siddharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez appeared on Koffee With Karan and made some exciting comments. Karan started the show speaking about how excited he was to have Jacqueline who is a Koffee virgin (this was her first time), and how there could be some sort of chemistry between her and Siddharth.

There were plenty of interesting comments and confessions made through the show, and we’re listing a few just in case you missed it.

Siddharth, the two-timer

Karan made a comment about Jacqueline being a Koffee virgin, and pointed out it was Siddharth’s second time which makes him a two-timer. He followed it up with the question, “Do you two-time?” To which, Siddharth playfully said, “Depends.”

Jacqueline’s been single for a while

“I have been single for too long,” said Jacqueline. When Karan asked her why, she said, “I need to get my mojo back because I have been working too much. It’s almost as if I have sacrificed everything in my social life – relationships, family, everything just to work.”

Siddharth clears the air about Jacqueline being at his house

Karan pointed out that there was an image of both of them coming out of Sidd’s house, to which Siddharth replied, “We were doing readings.” He added that it was all part of their preparation as professional actors. A little later, Karan asked him about whether he would date Jacqueline if he was in an easier head-space. To which, Siddharth replied, “Of course.”

Jacqueline says she is not a bimbette

“A lot of people mistake my happiness, or being happy all the time for being a bimbette. I find that really sad, because to stay positive is actually a really, really tough thing to do,” said Jacqueline, when Karan asked her about why she was happy all the time.

Koffee Shots segment sees both of them make spicy confessions

One of the better segments of the show, Koffee Shots saw both Jacqueline and Siddharth admitting to some sexy things they’ve done. Like making out on a plane, fantasizing about a co-star and being in a shower with someone.

Jacqueline won the rapid fire, while Siddharth won the Koffee Quiz

The rapid fire round was below expectations and both participants did okay. Karan took some time before announcing Jacqueline as the winner. He also added that the margin of victory was extremely small. In the Koffee Quiz, both participants did well but Siddharth won the segment 11-9.