Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan received an honorary doctorate from Edinburgh University in Scotland. Known for having a way with words, Shah Rukh then proceeded to give a speech – something he’s asked to do very often by various institutions given his remarkable achievments and his captivating wit.

The speech, layered with humour and self-deprecation in a manner only Khan can deliver, allowed the audience to laugh at the absurdities of his film plots along with him, before proceeding to extract the deepest meaning from each landmark film.


1.“There’s no such thing as ‘normal’. That’s just another word for lifeless”.

  Here Khan talks about how one should embrace their idiosyncrasies and quirks and not subscribe to conventional definitions of what is acceptable behaviour. Talking about the absurd plot of his film Deewana which translates into ‘mad’, he urges the students of Edinburgh University to live lives on their own terms

2. “If you ever find yourself cheated of all your money and sleeping on a grave, do not fear, a miracle is near, either that or a ghost”.

For someone considered a champion of light, commercial entertainment, Khan can impart sage like wisdom that ought to be dispatched in the form of a book. Most of his fans are acquainted with his success story, but every now and then he puts a spin on it which allows people to look at it differently. Khan says that even in the darkest moments of despair, instead of looking for a miracle, acknowledge life as the miracle it is.

  3.Being brave means being shit scared all the way to the party but getting there and doing the Funky Chicken in front of all your teenage kid’s friends anyway”.

Yes, SRK is a devoted dad and he never shies from loving his kids or … sometimes embarrassing them with funny dances. However, his advise to young people remains that they shouldn’t be afraid of the future and too never plan too far into the future. Life is full of surprises, like stardom which SRK couldn’t see coming his way from miles.

 4.Give of yourself to others. And while you’re at it, make sure you realise that you aren’t doing anyone any favours by being kind”.

This one really spoke to us. Khan has actively been involved in several charitable efforts, however he does it with the kind of discretion most stars aren’t known for. His philanthropic efforts are always overshadowed by his larger than life public persona and his films. Khan may be turning 50, but he possesses wisdom older than the mountains.

 5.When life hits you with all the force of its resplendent rage, the Rolls isn’t going to give you comfort. A friend’s grace will, and if you can’t find resolution as easily as you would like to, don’t panic”

Khan was quick to attribute his success, and dedicate the Doctorate to the grace and contributions of his friends and colleagues. His belief is that nothing in the world will ever be as valuable as the presence of a good friend.

 6.Whatever it is that is pulling you back, its not going away unless you stand up and start forging your own path with all your might in the opposite direction”

Known for having started his career with unconventional choices, Khan urges people to take control. “Stop whining and start moving, so to speak. Sadness and happiness have the same quality of transience” he sums up.

7. “All the names you give yourself, or those that others call you, are just labels. You are not defined by them no matter how flattering or uncomplimentary they are. What defines you is your heart”.

“You are not defined by them no matter how flattering or uncomplimentary they are. What defines you is your heart”.

 8.”Live as hard as you can in this very moment. Live now. Live today. You may not see it with your youthful eyes, but NOW is as much time as you will ever get.
We can’t really elaborate this one. You heard the man