Location courtesy: The Park, Worli — by the Lodha Group

We shot with Aditya Roy Kapur on a sunny winter afternoon at The Park, Worli. Aditya was as accommodating as they get, extremely gentlemanly and warm — sipping on his mug of black coffee continuously. Photographer Abhay Singh does have a serious Math professor vibe though, often peppered by child-like excitement when he got the right light or the the shot turned out exactly how he wanted. All in all, easy-breezy.

Capturing the right moment

Getting the look just right

Fashion Director Kushal Parmanand fixes Aditya’s outfit

A candid smile for the camera during touch up 

We know who Aditya is texting, but we can’t tell you

Abhay Singh shoots Aditya Roy Kapur

Abhay is definitely winning the Best Beard contest 

Aditya and Abhay check out shots during the shoot