We all loved reading about Mughal history, and even now, the names of these emperors take us back to school. Last week, while ideating for the kind of biopics Varun Dhawan could star in, we chanced upon another gem of an idea. Who would we cast as the Mughal emperors?

Here’s what we came up with.

Babar – Randeep Hooda

The first Battle Of Panipat between Babar and Ibrahim Lodhi is what we will be paying our ticket money for.

Humayun – Saif Ali Khan

An emperor with a peaceful demeanour – a role tailor made for Saif Ali Khan.

Akbar – Ranveer Singh

Hrithik Roshan didn’t do a bad job, but we think he’ll know that he missed out on a lot of things after watching Ranveer Singh knock the character out of the park.

Jahangir – Ranbir Kapoor

Jahangir had two sides – one as an emperor who promoted science and arts to flourish, the other as a rich brat who indulged in a lot of vices.

Shah Jahan – Shah Rukh Khan

If there’s one man in Bollywood romantic enough to build a Taj Mahal, it’s Shah Rukh Khan. We won’t be surprised if SRK was actually Shah Jahan in his previous life.

Aurangzeb – Akshay Kumar

The nastiest Mughal emperor of them all, and a lot of people died due to war during his reign. One actor who would make a killer Aurangzeb is Akshay Kumar, who proved his villainous skills with Ajnabee.