Rajat Kapoor, one of India’s most talented actors who has starred in many low budget classics like Bheja Fry and Ankhon Dekhi, is crowd-sourcing his upcoming film RK/RKay. Out of the 2.5 crores that he wanted, he has already collected more than Rs 3 Lakhs by the time this article was written. We hope that he is successful in this endeavour, and the film sees the light of the day.

Internationally, many films have been crowd-sourced (either the money, or the content) and we’re listing the best ones that you should watch.

Life In A Day

One of the best documentaries you can see, Life In A Day was entirely crowdsourced after people from all over the world were asked to tape glimpses from their life. Indeed, life on earth is very different for different people, and this movie gives you a glimpse of that.

Wish I Was Here

Starring the immensely popular Zach Braff (best known for being the lead in Scrubs), Wish I Was Here didn’t take a lot of time to find the finances given Zach’s great fan base. The movie is about a struggling actor, looking to find meaning, and is a heart-warming watch.

Veronica Mars

With a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Veronica Mars is arguably the best film on this list. After all, not many stories show a high school student doubling up as a private investigator.

In A City

He’s been a part of some amazing Hollywood films like 500 Days Of Summer and Inception, but it’s clear that Joseph Gordon Levitt is a true artist who does what his heart desires. In A City is a crowdsourced short film, that is extremely unique and has two versions – with one of the versions being shot by 54 cinematographers from all over the world.

India In A Day

Just like Life In A Day, India In A Day captures the diversity of experiences people have in the country. “We started on a blank slate. There was no set agenda on what to present. We were responding to what people had given us, and look at India with a neutral gaze,” director Richie Mehta was quoted as saying by India Today.