The highly anticipated 360-degree virtual reality film of Etihad Airways, starring Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman, is finally out. She is the first Hollywood actor to star in a fully immersive virtual reality film.

‘Reimagine’, a five-minute feature, is an experiential journey that follows Nicole Kidman, who flies between New York and Abu Dhabi in Airbus A380. This magnificent feature has been created by making use of cutting edge technology and multidisciplinary mediums, highlighting the guest experience and engaging the consumer in various sensory interactions.

With this, the viewer can experience the plush interiors of the twin-decked aircraft, meet and interact with Nicole Kidman and a number of characters that include the film’s director, and some personal interactions with the Savoy-trained Butler, the Food and Beverage Manager in Business class, among others.

Etihad Airways-Reimagine-VR-movie-scene-360

Nicole Kidman, who is also the brand ambassador of Etihad Airways, stated, The film is a culmination of Etihad’s vision to tell the airline’s story in an extremely innovative way and a commitment to engaging with the public as has never been attempted by an airline before. It was a great challenge but one which has definitely paid off and it was great to be part of such an exciting project.”

Filmed exclusively in Abu Dhabi, this VR film was directed by the renowned duo, Anthony Atanasio and Valerie Martinez.

You can experience this magic on their website (click here) and stay tuned for an updated version of the virtual reality film in stereoscopic sound on 17th  June, 2016.  All you need to do is to download the Oculus VR app available on the airline’s website and watch the film using a virtual reality headset. The film is also available on YouTube.