Emraan Hashmi will be seen in Baadshaho, a multi-starrer that releases this week. Even though the actor has been ridiculed by the classes (because his audience is in the masses) for a long time, we are being extremely bold in saying that in the headline. We have our reasons, though and here are a few.

He is a far more versatile actor, and he has proved that with roles in Shanghai and The Dirty Picture. He can play a poor guy like he did in Shanghai, where he showcased that he can do method acting as well. “Dibakar came along and I had to completely reconstruct myself and go through a bunch of vigorous acting workshops to get into the skin of the character and it really helped me to grow as an actor,” he said in an interview with DNA.

And then he does horror films like Raaz 2, something that the Khans are too scared to touch even from a distance. On the contrary, the Khans (at least Salman and Shah Rukh) are sticking to the same old typical Bollywood masala film, or a love story. Yes, SRK does a Dear Zindagi once in a while, but that is just a flash in the pan.

He is also sensible enough to take pay-cuts for the experimental films he does. For example, for Ek Thi Daayan, he slashed his rates to make the film work. “With ETD, we were very clear that we were making a class, experimental horror film. I took a huge pay cut for it because I could not burden a film with a huge making cost. I know that for a quintessential Emraan Hashmi film, I can charge a certain amount and the film will be able to take that load because the masses are going to come to see it. But when I do other films, I hope that somewhere down the line, it will all add up and then there is a film that gets both kinds of audiences,” he said in an interview with DNA.

Also, he is not concerned with his image as much as the Khans are. He gives some sensational interviews like he did when he appeared on Koffee With Karan with Mahesh Bhatt.

He said that he would like to steal Abhishek Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan’s wife. He said that Hrithik Roshan didn’t have real dramatic films. He said that his worst on-screen kiss was with – surprise, surprise – Mallika Sherawat. Then he went ahead and asked, “Who made 3 Idiots?” when asked about the director he’d like to work with.

Just on the basis of this amazing interview, we can say that he is better than the Khans (even Aamir Khan). Because the Khans will never be so unabashed.