Himansh Kohli of Yaariyan fame, dishes out fashion advice for men. 

■ Fashion is an expression of my personality and an extension of my mood. I would define my style as vibrant, effortless and evolving.

■ I’m not fussy about where I shop from and what labels I sport. I don’t like to limit myself to one brand when I can have them all. My only yardstick is that whatever I pick up should complement my body and my personality.

■ Fashion is ever-evolving, so experimenting is always fun. It also helps to avoid boredom, which can easily set in given the limited possibilities when it comes to men’s wardrobes.

■ My last purchase was a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 sneakers.

■ If there’s only one style rule you must follow, just ensure that you take a woman along when you go shopping.

■ Men can be edgy and push sartorial boundaries once in a while, but many of us hesitate to do so. I think it gets easier to experiment once you understand your strengths. If nothing else, you can add little details like watches, wristbands or neckpieces.

■ Ranveer Singh is the epitome of fashion and style. He is a trendsetter who is not afraid to experiment and express himself through his wardrobe.

■ The basics of any man’s wardrobe, according to me, should be solid T-shirts, a leather jacket, slim fit chinos and denims, a pair of good shoes and a wristwatch.

■ Always remember to dress as per your size. Keep things minimal and don’t go overboard with your accessories.

■ You may be the best dressed man in the room, but all it takes to kill the impact is body odour. Invest in nice cologne and you’ll find people more drawn to you.