A lot of people have been waiting eagerly for Tubelight ever since the first poster was out. Today, that wait ends, and theatre owners across the country are licking their lips in anticipation of all the moolah they will be making.

At MW, we are not really a big fan of Sallu Miyan’s films, but his Twitter timeline is certainly filled with a lot of gems. Some of them defy all logic, and we think Salman makes those tweets when he is drunk out of his senses. Unfortuantely, the frequency of such tweets has dropped as he now uses his account just to promote his or other people’s films. 

Is he superstitious? If it’s not the right time to tweet, why say it at all? Directly post at 11 am the next day.

We haven’t. We don’t know what to say at the ticket counter when this film releases – probably say, five tickets for ‘seven dots, space, one dot’ movie.

This is deep. After all, why think when you have five pegs of alcohol in your system.

Even the doctors at AIIMS or intelligence personnel at CBI, will be hard pressed to decode this tweet.

He is not bad always, and this video of him playing with a kid warms the cockles of our heart.