Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan

Here’s Why Fifty Shades Darker Will Be Better Than Fifty Shades Of Grey

We give you five reasons after a lot of research.

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So the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, part two of the mommy porn series, Fifty Shades by E.L. James, is out. Yes, it is coming back again next Valentine’s Day and no, it will not be the most awaited film release of the century. Because, we learn from our mistakes.

But, hear us out. We have reasons to believe that this installment of the trilogy might actually be better than part one.


First up, for those who have actually read the books (and not just the dirty bits), you know that, comparatively, the second book is better than the first. There is an actual plot and, unlike part one, the most complex thing in the book is not the fish knot Christian has got Ana tied up in. That should make for a better film, right?


For those who were expecting a lot of sex in the first film, here’s laughing on your face. Now you know that you have to walk in for an actual story and not a soft porn fest. The makers of the film know that is what they have to deliver too. Hence, we have hope. After all, this is not Magic Mike.

Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan


And so, they brought in a better director to take charge. Actually, after watching the first film, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, we realised that any film-maker would do a better job. James Foley is the captain of the ship for Fifty Shades Darker and the final installment too. And after his crackling work with House of Cards, we have hope.


Let’s be frank: Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will definitely be better second time round. For starters, Johnson has become a better actor with films like Black Mass and How To Be Single in her kitty. And Dornan, well, he’s just eye candy at the end of the day. If he keeps working out, we’re not complaining.



Lastly, can a film really get worse than Fifty Shades of Grey?


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