So we all know how Tom Hiddleston fell head over brogues in love with Priyanka Chopra when she twirled for him before presenting an award together at the Emmys last night. Okay, we might just be getting a tad carried away but Tom looked absolutely smitten.



Reports and eye witnesses say that they have been giggling and intimately chatting with each other all night long, quite inseparable, and even stuck to each other through the after party. Not that we can blame either of them. Priyanka is a strong, independent, ravishing and talented woman. Tom is, well, a mere mortal. How would you not fall for such a goddess? His Loki experience did not prepare him for this, evidently.

A lot of selfies were clicked together, sources say, a lot of flirting was done too. Priyanka even fixed Tom’s bow-tie for him.


And wait, that’s not all. They exchanged phones, typed in their numbers, and shared a lot of hugging and kissing on the cheeks afterwards.

If you guys are not rooting for this couple to happen, we don’t like you.