The millions (and millions) of The Rock’s fans won’t agree but John Cena might turn out to be an even bigger star than him in Hollywood. He is going to be starring in a lead role in Bumblebee, a Tranformers spinoff, and we are sure that given his charisma and crowd-pulling ability, Cena will make it really big as a Hollywood superstar. He just needs the right story and the right director to help him through.

In an episode of Smack Down, where John Cena and The Rock faced off, The Rock said, “Look at us, John Cena. We are  completely opposite. We look different. We talk different. We fight different. But the truth is – we’re very similar! One thing. And that is the fact that whatever it is that John Cena does, whatever it is that The Rock does, they want to do it the absolute best – better than anyone. Period.”

It’s true. John Cena is a 16 Times World Champion in WWE, and there’s little more he can achieve in the ring. The fans have seen every side of him, and very soon, we will probably see him focus more on his Hollywood career and only return to WWE to make special appearances or fight special matches. Much like The Rock did when he forayed into Hollywood.

Cena’s first film The Marine wasn’t such a big success, but he shouldn’t get disheartened since The Rock faced similar failure with The Scorpion King (his first as a lead). Both of them never give anything short of their best, and we are sure that given Cena’s massive fan following, he’ll keep getting opportunities to star in more films if he wishes to do so.

In the same Smack Down episode that we talked about before, Cena said, “Only in the WWE will you be able to see, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson in their prime. Only in the WWE will you see Michael Jordan go one-on-one with LeBron James. The match that they want is John Cena VS The Rock.”

Yes, we know what we want to see. We want to see a big-budget Hollywood film where The Rock and John Cena play fierce rivals against each other, only to team up at the end to fight against greater evil.