The hype is real. After months of teasers, trailers, and spoiler-laden info drops, we’re finally on the doorstep of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Scheduled for a 17th December release in India, fans are excited to see Tom Holland return as the titular web-slinging hero – joined by a cast of old favorites from Sony’s stable of films.

Before we dive into the latest batch of fresh critic reviews, take a look at the film’s latest trailer below:

A crisis of faith, multiverse chaos, incredible throwbacks, and perhaps the greatest coming-of-age story the MCU is ever going to tell – let’s see what the lucky few have to say about it.


Pete Hammond, Deadline

“This movie does what the best movies always do: They thrill you and move you and make you want to cheer in a crowded theatre. In light of the pandemic this movie is a holiday gift not only to moviegoers, but also to exhibitors, because if EVER there was a film poised to save the movie business — just like Spidey always saves the day — it is this splendidly-crafted endgame.”

Now that’s a glowing review if I ever saw one. Looks like a double-thumbs up!


Benjamin Lee, The Guardian

“The somewhat grounded world of Peter and his friends makes for an uneasy bedfellow next to the heightened fantasy of Doctor Strange, and some self-aware jabs don’t really do enough to distract from how jarring the two franchises feel when smashed together.”

A major concern for many fans was whether Peter Parker’s relatively grounded world could mesh well with the ‘strangeness’ of Dr. Strange’s powers and themes. Apparently not – although Lee commends the film’s tight script and well-executed villains.


Mae Abdulbaki, ScreenRant

“Thanks to Peter finally taking matters into his own hands, No Way Home is able to fly higher than any of the previous Spider-Man entries in the MCU. The film ponders what kind of hero Spider-Man is and who he aspires to be — is he someone who takes ownership over his choices? Does he help people who are in need or does he leave them behind? These questions play heavily into his storyline, adding gravitas to his journey as a hero who is trying to forge a path for himself.”

Now this is more like it. One of No Way Home’s highlights is the relationship between Peter and his choices as a hero – and how he has to move on in a world without Tony Stark. Exciting!


David Fear, Rolling Stone

“Whether you grew up shuddering at Dafoe’s Goblin cackle or being thrilled by Foxx’s livewire act, much less being a consumer re: the current slate of Sony/Marvel collaborations, there’s a button for you that’s being pushed. Fan service is being performed here, as with most modern superhero movies, but it now spans generations of fans. Why have one Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film coyly asks, when you can have several?”

Fear’s review takes a closer look at the business behind creating a live-action multiversal crossover. What does it mean for the world’s biggest media companies to trade properties, and what does this mean for other franchises moving forward? The reviewer does describe the film as ‘perfectly fine’ – which could mean just about anything from average to good.


Meanwhile, several fans were torn between wanting to read reviews and keep everything a surprise. Be careful before you read any reviews – the Variety magazine in particular was hit hard by fans expecting a spoiler-free experience:


Earlier today, the world premiere of the film was underway at Los Angeles. The center of attention was clearly going to be star couple Tom Holland and Zendaya – both of whom looked stunning and were all smiles at the red carpet event.

Several others such as Williem DaFoe, Jamie Foxx, JK Simmons and more graced the event. Benedict Cumberbatch in particular put out a message in support of fans, promising to not spoil anything regarding the plot:

…right before running off from security to greet fans.

What a class act. We can’t wait to see him and the rest of this mammoth cast at the theater this week!

(Image Sources: Marvel Entertainment, Disney)