Today is Sunny Leone’s birthday, and we are extremely glad that she switched from porn to Bollywood. While we wouldn’t rate her acting skills highly, we have as much respect as possible for her personality and the way in which she carries herself.

Bhupendra Chaubey asked many demeaning questions, and it was absolutely great that Sunny Leone handled them all without flinching. As a result, Sunny found many supporters in the Bollywood fraternity while Bhupendra Chaubey was universally panned.

Later, Sunny revealed what went through her mind while that interview was taking place. “I am not the kind of person who would walk away from an interview. But having said that, I felt what was happening was not right at all. And I felt completely alone… and no one was helping me out,” she told HuffPost India.

In another interview, someone asked Sunny if her husband felt insecure about him working with Rannvijay. She was also daft enough to ask her if Rannvijay tried to walk into her heart. Sunny responded gracefully by saying Rannvijay was already married with a beautiful wife, and also said that her husband was extremely secure as a person.