An M. Night Shyamalan film is bound to creep you out, make you think and almost always make you go WTF. His latest film, Servant, seems to have all the traits of doing just that.

The trailer starts with a couple welcoming their new nanny on a rainy night. And while things don’t seem too weird, it gets there almost instantly. After his wife leaves, Sean approaches the nanny and asks her to cut the drama and stop pretending to take care of the child. That’s when we’re introduced to the fact that the baby is a doll. If that wasn’t creepy enough for you, the nanny doesn’t believe so and continues the charade. Sean soon has red flags go up when he notices the behaviour and attitude of their newly hired nanny. And the trailer just ends with a creepy statement, “Do you know who you welcomed into your home?”

Watch the trailer below:

Servant is one of the many Apple Originals coming to Apple TV+ this year and will be released on November 28.