Amazon Prime Video has given us the first look at their new web series starring Manoj Bajpayee who plays a tame family man who is trying to balance his life as a world-class spy. 

The trailer gives us a detailed look at the lead character of Srikant Tiwari (played by Manoj Bajpayee) who prefers to not pick a fight when a reckless biker bangs up his car, but at the same time, won’t hesitate to get into a gun battle with dangerous terrorists. Tiwari is frequently made fun of by his family and friends about the cushy, comfortable life he has as a government servant while being unaware of the realities of his actual job in a highly secretive special cell of the National Intelligence Agency.

This marks creator duo Raj & DK’s (Raj Nidimoru & Krishna DK) digital streaming debut. Speaking on the show, they said, “With The Family Man, we tried a new genre and an approach both challenging and satisfying. We tried our take on geo-politics, blended it into an action-y thriller and added doses of quirky humour that is usually not associated with a serious genre like this. Loosely inspired by present-day events, it is a grounded take on the life of a middle-class guy who is also tasked with the job of fighting terrorism. The Family Man is an ode to the common man – his hopes, aspirations, responsibilities and troubles. In this case, he’s also pretty screwed – balancing family and saving the country.”

Watch the trailer below:


The show is set to release in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

You can stream The Family Man on September 20 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.