The second trailer for Christopher Nolan’s highly-awaited sci-fi thriller Tenet has dropped. But it has left us with more questions. We’re confused, but isn’t that what Nolan does best?

The trailer was released in a rather unlikely way. The three-minute video first premiered on the popular video game Fortnite before releasing everywhere else.

The trailer fills us in on a lot more than the teaser trailer that dropped last December. We don’t find any clarity on how they plan to prevent World War lll, but we do get more mind-blowing footage of some of the scenes from the film. An important misconception about the film we need to clear out is that it does not deal with time travel, even though this trailer might make you believe the opposite. Robert Pattinson mentioned in an interview that Tenet will deal with “time-inversion.”

Nolan was keen on releasing the film in July itself, regardless of the ongoing pandemic. But the new trailer does reinstate that view and the trailer now just ends with “in theatres soon.”

Watch the trailer below: