He has been on Twitter for just a few months but everyone has started talking about how funny – or offensive – he is. Twitter’s latest motor mouth is Rishi Kapoor. And while, we have loved his jovial, bumbling and happy-go-lucky avatars on screen, his social media avatar is quite the opposite. Kapoor’s sense of humour is dry, sarcastic and scathing and while he might troll himself too, his worst (or best) jabs are when someone else is being the butt of the joke. And from Gajendra Chauhan to Sonakshi Sinha (with a little help from Alia Bhatt) he has been LMAOing at everybody.


He got into quite a mess during the beef ban when he called himself a “beef-eating Hindu” and later sent out a string of clarifications.





So, all is cool as long as you don’t eat beef in your country? Come on, you all saw that crazy turnaround, right? Here are some of Chintu ji’s choicest tweets.