The IIFA Awards 2017 was more in the news for the Nepotism Rocks debate, than the actors who won the awards. We’ve already had our say on the whole fiasco, and we think the joke was in bad taste, considering so many talented youngsters ruin their lives in the hope of breaking into the film industry. 

But, that wasn’t the only thing that happened. If you didn’t know already, the award ceremony was used as a backdrop of an upcoming film called Crazy Hum starring Lara Dutta, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh among others. 

We haven’t had many films that use the stage as an important part of the plot. ABCD 2 and Happy New Year are a few recent films that come to mind, but we could certainly do with a few more. 

“We have been shooting in New York and it’s been a madhouse with amazing energy on the sets. I’m very excited to be a part of this film. Also, for the first time we are exploring a new genre of stage reality film,” Lara Dutta was quoted as saying by DNA. 

Even though Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra started their careers together, with Andaaz, PC has bagged much more accolades and even made a name for herself internationally.  On the other hand, Lara has done some extremely shoddy films like Kaal, Elaan, Bardaasht, Jurm, Blue and Azhar (the list goes on). 

We really hope that with this film, Lara is able to bounce back and make better film choices in the future.

Knowing Lara’s past record, we are not too excited about the film. But let’s see how the teasers and trailers look. Only then we can make a decision about whether we are going to shell out ticket money for this.