The first-ever AI-assisted casting process has given us the gift we truly needed in 2020 by determining that Superman actor Henry Cavill should be the next James Bond.

Actor Daniel Craig has been portraying 007 since 2006’s Casino Royale and his final outing as James Bond will be in No Time To Die which is currently slated for a November 20 release.

According to Screenrant, a new study conducted by, AI software was used to compare an actor’s attributes and Bond’s attributes in order to best understand who would garner the most positive audience reactions. Cavill won among all British actors with a score of 92.3%, followed by Richard Armitage at 92% and Idris Elba at 90.0%.

When it comes to international actors, however, actor Karl Urban topped the list with 96.7% followed by Chris Evans at 93.9% and Will Smith at 92.9%.