If there’s one genre we’re incredibly bad at, it’s horror. You won’t find top stars experimenting with it, and more often than not, it’s B-Grade cinema. None of the below scenes sends a chill down our spine, but yeah, they are so bad that they’re good. From bizarre songs to extremely garish scenes, watch these scenes at your own risk. 

Aayega Aanewala

Featuring Ashok Kumar and Madhubala, this song has an extremely eerie feel to it and Lata Mangeshkar has done a good job. However, the video doesn’t make any sense at all, and that lady on a swing disappearing is probably the most cliche’d move ever. 

Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche


If you’re looking for a gory Ramsay classic that you can watch in a heavily intoxicated state with your buddies, because hey, normal life doesn’t really make a lot of sense when you’re high, then this movie should float your boat. We’ve uploaded the whole thing as well. 



Urmila Matondkar won the Filmfare critics award for Best Actress in this movie, probably because people think that overacting and shaking your body in a mad way requires exceptional skill. We think not. 

Ragini MMS 

This is one of the most insane short films you’d see. Shot on a highway with both Vivek Oberoi and Nana Patekar sitting in a car, the WTF ending will probably make you break something.