Actor Varun Dhawan is certainly one of the hottest male actors in Bollywood at the moment. He’s got the face, the rock-hard physique and the boy-next-door smile. While Dhawan’s best performance till date may have been October, he’s starred in many blockbuster films which have done extremely well at the Box Office but have been panned by critics. Recently, Varun Dhawan starred in Coolie No 1 opposite Sara Ali Khan which was heavily criticised but appears to have performed well on Amazon Prime Video.

Recently, filmmaker David Dhawan, Varun Dhawan’s father, opened up about directing his son’s intimate scenes. David Dhawan has directed his son in three movies now – Main Tera Hero, Judwaa 2 and Coolie No 1.

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“There was nothing difficult about it because we are very professional people. When I am shooting with him, I don’t look at him or ask him whether we should do this or not. I tell him that this is to be done. The script demands a kissing scene and so we have to do it. Practically, there is nothing wrong. Kissing scene is the lightest scene in the Indian films these days. It’s very fair when you are doing it professionally, you don’t look left, right, centre. ‘Arre yaar mera beta karra hai, sharam aarai hai. Kaae ki sharam aarai hai? (Oh no, my son is doing it, I feel so embarrassed. What are you embarrassed about?) There is no such thing. It’s all practical today. Now how the hero and the heroine do it is up to them,” he said in an interview to Bollywood Hungama.

“I treat Varun like I treat any other actor, rather a little worse. I’ve never treated him like my son or as a hero. If he does a bad shot, I reprimand him in front of everyone. But he is so good with improvisations. In the first film, he was a little nervous but he was still doing it well, but in Judwaa 2, he was full on — a complete commercial hero,” Dhawan Senior had told Hindustan Times in an earlier interview.

“And that’s the kind of relationship I want to share with every director. I’m very selfish when it comes to my films. My endeavour is to try to push myself in order to entertain the audience. Working with dad is an extremely satisfying experience for me creatively. Also, he pushes me and makes me think,” Varun Dhawan had added.

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