If you are a regular social media user with even a fleeting interest in Bollywood or good-looking men, you would have been aware of this bomb selfie that Ranveer Singh blessed us with on Instagram. With a somewhat-pout and shirt opened to reveal fabulous pectorals and hard abs, Singh looks like that desi boy from Bandra whose hair always looks fly irrespective of the weather conditions.

Anyway, while people from all over the globe left thirsty comments below the photo, one lady shut shit down with one word followed by three exclamation marks and an equal number of heart-eyed emojis. That lady is none other than Miss Deepika Padukone, current reigning Queen of Bollywood.




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Despite having shown up together to major parties and events and the usual giggly PDA, the duo have done all they can to steer clear of relationship rumours but we are going to just go ahead and put our doubts to rest because literally nobody posts heart-eyed emojis and a ‘mine!!!’ under someone’s picture unless they are dating or at least mildly interested in each other.