There’s a reason everyone is gung-ho about Deepika Padukone. The actress has starred in most of the commercially successful films of the past decade and also earned critical acclaim for her versatility as an actor.

Recently, we announced that the actress was pairing up with Prabhas and Vyjayanthi Movies for a film that sent the internet into a tizzy. The film is going to be directed by Ashwin Nag.

Now, according to Filmfare, the actress is said to have been paid a whopping Rs 20 crores for the film. “Apparently, Deepika these days, asks for remuneration on par with what the leading man of the film gets. She rightly feels she has earned herself a place of gender equality in her profession,” says a source.

Prabhas is allegedly being paid 50 crores for the same film but this makes Padukone the highest-paid actress in the history of Indian cinema.

Now, that’s like a Queen.