Fresh off the success of shows like Netflix’s Top Boy and HBO’s Euphoria, Drake and his co-manager Adel ‘Future The Prince’ Nur are all set to act as executive producers once again for a new series called 48 Laws of Power.

The show is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Robert Greene. Previously, Drake had only served as executive producer, but we will also see him direct one of the episodes on the show this time.

The Hollywood Reporter‘s report mentioned Nur saying, “When Drake and I sat down with Robert Greene, it was incredibly inspiring.” He added, “The laws allow for a wide range of dynamic storytelling, and Quibi allows us to tell these stories in bite-sized chapters similar to the book.”

Greene said, “I have always thought that The 48 Laws of Power would be a perfect fit for a series, bringing to life the timeless Machiavellian game of power as portrayed in the book. But it was not until Drake and Future with Anonymous Content approached me with their unique cinematic approach to the laws that I knew I could join forces with them and go all in for a filmed interpretation of my work.”



The book has always been a favourite of the hip-hop community. Various rappers like Kanye West, Jay-Z and Drake himself have referenced the 1998 book several times in their verses.

The series is set to release on Quibi, a new, mobile-centric streaming platform. It is still unsure if the show will make its way to India.


(Image Credits – Instagram, @champagnepapi)