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Ezra Miller To Re-Write The Script Of The Flash Himself

The script will reportedly have a dark theme with high stakes

Ezra Miller will now re-write the script for his upcoming film, The Flash.

Miller, in a purported bid to keep himself involved as the Scarlet Speedster, has taken it upon himself to write his own script for the in-production Flash film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently, Miller isn’t getting along with John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the directors currently attached to the project (and known for Spider-Man: Homecoming). While Daley and Goldstein are interested in a lighter, more playful take on the Flash, Miller wants something darker.

THR’s sources claim that the studio is currently favoring a superhero movie with a lighter theme after the success of more ebullient films such as Aquaman and the positive responses to Shazam!

Miller, who doesn’t agree with the film going this route, is creating his own version of what he wants to see, and he’s partnered up with the acclaimed comic book writer, Grant Morrison. The new duo got the green light from Warner Bros. to go ahead with this new script, which is set to have higher stakes and a much more darker theme.

The success or failure of this script could decide whether or not Miller stays on in the role of The Flash, reported THR. Miller is also on a strict deadline of May 2019, as his holding deal expires that month. If they can’t reach a direction for the film by then, the studio will either reportedly carry on with the lighter script or will look for a new actor to replace Miller.