Faisal Khan, brother to acclaimed actor Aamir Khan, is staging his comeback to cinema.

Many remember Faissal alongside his brother in a film that came in the year 2000, Mela, that unfortunately did not do very well.

The two are known to have a turbulent relationship. In a recent interview with ETimes, the actor addresses his relationship with his brother, his past failed ventures, failed marriage, and even had something to say about his brother’s recently ended matrimony. The interview has brought him back to the public eye.

“Everything is okay between us. As an individual, I take my own decisions. I am not a director who doesn’t know what he has made. I have given my best and my producers have helped me with it. God’s and the audience’s verdict remains to be seen,” he told the news portal.

His brother has even watched the film set for release and has good things to say about it. “Both my mom and Aamir have watched the film. My mother loved it. It was my mother’s dream that I should turn director, which has been fulfilled with this film. Aamir found the film very engaging and said it is very good for a first-time director. He said to me ‘You have sung the song very well. You’re better than me.’ I replied, ‘What can I do?’” he told.

When asked to comment on the casual attitude with which Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan announced the breaking off of their marriage, he did not think it was his place to. He thought out loud “I cannot give them any advice. My marriage didn’t work out, so I am no one to comment on anyone’s personal life. They know what is best for them.”

When asked if marriage or companionship is in the cards for him now, he mentioned he would have to make more money since infatuations can prove to be expensive. “Picture hit ho toh ladki dhoodna shuru karu (I’ll begin to look for a girl once my film is declared a hit),” he said.

He helms the project as he believed in both the script and himself, knowing both had to be done justice.

“The movie was being directed by Shariq Minhaz. I have done many small films in my career, especially after ‘Mela’ and ‘Madhosh’ flopped. I was working hard, but they were either not made in the right way, or were not released in the right way. All my efforts became zero on these films and here Shariq was not able to give time to the project, so I said to myself, ‘I hope this project does not go that way, too’. I am growing old, so, I put my foot down and told the producers about what I felt. They said why don’t you direct it?”

And so, he did.

Now he plans on acting in the films he directs.

“Aamir is the most famous person in our family but after this film releases people will know Faissal Khan as an individual, actor, director and singer,” he had said in the interview.

Faisal Khan can be expected in Faactory next, both on and off-screen.

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