Marvel Entertainment may have misspelt Farhan Akhtar’s name while sharing a preview clip of his episode, but fans overlooked it, excited to watch the actor in Ms Marvel. In it, Akhtar essays the role of Waleed, who encounters Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) at a mysterious location. The preview had fans waiting with bated breath, only to be disappointed again. 

Those who watched the show, learned that his role was shorter than one can imagine. The audience anticipated that he would at least be there for a good amount of time, but contrary to the buzz, Akhtar’s character gets killed within five minutes of his arrival on screen.

From memes to tweets, Ms Marvel has been a major source of discussion for Indian fans, but now even more so after the realisation involving Akhtar. One user wrote, “They did him so wrong only introduced him to the MCU to kill him off five min later.” Another said, “For anyone planning to watch Ms Marvel episode 4, please watch it without blinking even for a second. Not because it’s interesting or great, but if you blink even for a second, you will miss Farhan Akhtar’s role completely.”

Here’s what others are saying:

And while some are upset about Akhtar’s screen time, others are celebrating the way in which the show represents Muslim culture. The inclusion of Ali Sethi’s popular song, Pasoori and a scene depicting the Partition are also being lauded.

With Farhan Akhtar’s cameo done, fans are excited to see what kind of role Fawad Khan is set to play. Khan earlier confirmed that he had fun shooting with the team. Now, we hope, that his role is a bit more substantial than Akhtar’s has been. 

(Featured Image Credits: YouTube @marvelentertainment)