Salman Khan isn’t a Bollywood star who likes to constantly experiment with his fashion. It’s mostly minimal, with some classic go-tos, and of course, his signature bracelet. Now, his personal stylist, Ashley Rebello, has revealed a few fashion secrets of the actor.

Rebello spoke to E Times about Khan’s style, which he defined as “very simple and classic. It’s very basic but fabulous at the same time.”

Khan is also someone who loves to wear jackets. Throughout his career, Khan has been seen sporting cool jackets. In 2020, the actor quite the buzz when he posted an image of himself wearing a custom, Dust of Gods jacket, which cost over a lakh. Rebello told E Times, “All of his jackets are custom made from all over the world wherever we find new talents and new avenues of fashion. We try to get them on board. Like I remember, he was the first person to wear Ed Hardy and it became so popular that they had to open stores all over India.


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He added, “The jacket from Dust and Gods in ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ was custom made with several different patchworks like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. It’s a designer from Canada. Each jacket he wears is unique in its own way, like the one he wore in ‘Radhe’. We got it done from a guy with leather and embroidery. It was simple and people were like wow what a fabulous jacket.”

Rebello also shared how Khan owns several pairs of jeans, and how he likes to gift them to everyone. “You will find his collection of belts and tons of jeans. He can live in jeans and his closet is filled with them. What I like most about it is, after he wears them, he likes to give them out to his staff, friends, and anybody who likes to wear it. He is a man with a golden heart.”


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