If you’re single in this technology-driven world, there are countless ways to meet someone new. And the modern dating world is really tricky to navigate. To make it more complex, there are different words to describe unique romantic arrangements.

Thanks to the Internet, dating has now become a dreadful task. The swipe-right culture has led to the rise of weird dating practices and behaviour. Knowing these dating trends is a sure shot way of knowing what you’re up against when dating someone.


If your date pulls a disappearing act, you’re the victim of ghosting. Ghosting is when a potential partner vanishes after one or two dates. It is when you completely cut off a person without giving them the “not interested” indication or any other explanation. It is one of the most annoying and confusing dating habits.


First things first, orbiting has nothing to do with planets or the universe. Orbiting is another form of ghosting. It is when your date ghosts you but still engages with you on social media. For example, a date who has ghosted you still watches your stories on Instagram. It is confusing and it’s better to block this person everywhere on your social media.


If you’ve not been introduced to your partner’s friends or family, you’ve been stashed! Stashing means hiding the person you’re dating from your friends and relatives. This is a common one and can happen to a couple even when they have been together for a long time. The best option is to directly confront your partner about it.


According to the New York Post, serendipidating means putting off a date in the hope that something better comes along. It is a dating habit almost everyone has because we suck at commitment. So, they keep delaying the dates and limit themselves by keeping short messages and doesn’t imply future developments.


Breadcrumbing is a fancy name for stringing someone along. This person is playing it safe and keeping their options open.