Epic games revealed that Fortnite players can now play as Thanos and get the weapons of Iron man, Captain America, Thor and Hawkeye.

How does it work?

The Fortnite X Endgame crossover splits players into two teams. Team Thanos, which is made up of Thanos himself and his Chitauri Invaders, will recover the six Infinity Stones hidden around the map. The Heroes, meanwhile, must scrounge around for powerful Avenger weapons to help you fight Team Thanos. 

The Heroes start the match with a treasure map that leads to a Mythic Avengers item. These includeThor’s Stormbreaker axe, Iron Man’s gloves, Captain America’s shield and Hawkeye’s bow. Heroes respawn until either they win or Team Thanos recover all six Infinity Stones, at which point respawns are turned off and Team Thanos must simply hunt down the remaining Heroes to win.

Whoever finds the first Infinity Stone will transform into Thanos. Depending on which stone is collected, Thanos becomes more powerful — he’ll be able to gain more health and shields, be able to jump higher, and deal more damage. If Thanos ends up being killed, a random Chitauri player will turn into the mad titan.