Shah Rukh Khan is not just one of the biggest stars in the world, he is also Bollywood’s original success story. Coming from a middle-class upbringing, Khan has managed to become a top-billed actor who is known throughout the world. His fanbase is massive and there are people outside India who know the country only because of the 55-year-old actor.

Shah Rukh Khan has given numerous speeches in his career and dropped jewels of wisdom along the way. And he has managed to do it in his witty style without sounding preachy. On his birthday, we bring you some of his most famous motivational quotes.

At Dhirubhai Ambani School

SRK is one of the coolest motivational speakers we have in the country. He was once invited as the Chief Guest at a graduation ceremony at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School where he shared some beautiful childhood memories with the students. He also gave the students some sane advice.

He stated how, “Whatever you’re doing, do it once; then do it one more time even more carefully. Practice will make everything easier”.

At the University of Edinburgh

In 2015, the Badshah of Bollywood received an honorary degree from the University of Edinburg in the UK and in his acceptance speech, he spoke about battling fear, the importance of being kind, and how to tackle obstacles in life.

He stated, “If you aren’t charged up about doing something, if you don’t have, what in Hindi we call the ‘Josh’, the fire in your belly for it, then don’t do it”.


He proved his oratory ability with yet another speech that he delivered to the students of IIM-B where he gave a number of tips to the students including, “No matter how hard we work, leadership implies being prepared for a disaster”.

At Yale University

In 2012, SRK enthralled the Yale audience with his speech on success, failure and living life to the fullest.

Shah Rukh Khan Motivational Quotes

He stated how, “Failure is a fiendish friend that can lead to success by teaching one to be pragmatic, to work harder, and to be true to oneself”.

SRK’s 55th birthday

Every year, at around 10 PM on the 1st of November, fans of Shah Rukh Khan throng the gates of Mannat for his birthday. They bring cake, firecrackers, and dhedh saara pyaar, waiting for the moment when Khan will appear above the gate and fan his hands wide apart. His signature move and the sheer charisma he exudes sends fans and social media into a tizzy.

This year, however, due to the novel coronavirus and with Khan not being in Mannat currently, his fans have come with new ways to celebrate his 55th birthday and make it as grand as possible. “Iss baar ka pyaar thoda door se yaar (this time show your love from a distance),” Shah Rukh Khan told his fans, in regards to his birthday celebrations.

The Hindustan Times reports that a fan club hosted a virtual cake-cutting ceremony that was accessed across the world.“This year, we need to do everything virtually but ensure the celebrations are still grand, considering it’s a festival for us. Fans will have virtual experience of being at Mannat from Sunday midnight through live streaming,” Yash Paryani, a member of Shah Rukh’s fan club told Mumbai Mirror.

Paryani also said that charitable activities like distributing 5555 Covid kits with masks and sanitizers, 5555 meals to the needy, visiting orphanages and old-age homes have also been planned for Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday.