Is HBO Working On A Jon Snow Spinoff With Kit Harington?

HBO Is Apparently Working On A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow Spinoff 

Safe to say, we know nothing

After giving him possibly the worst ending in the history of television, HBO seems to be keen on making amends to Jon Snow. A recent news piece by The Hollywood Reporter suggests that HBO is quietly working on a ‘Game of Thrones’ spinoff series, which will have Jon Snow as the central character.

And yes, Kit Harington is said to reprise his iconic role. While details are still scarce, it’s been reported that the show will take place after the events of Game of Thrones which saw the true heir of the Iron Throne killing Daenerys and being relegated to the now broken(?) wall yet again. 

Of course, there are many different ways the series could go. Perhaps we’ll discover more secrets and terrors which lie in the lands of always winter, or maybe Jon Snow will set sail to the other side of the continent. There’s also a possibility that Jon might run into his siblings, or cousins such as Arya Stark, Sansa Stark and King Bran throughout the course of the show. 

It should be noted that the show will be heading in a completely different direction, and will not be based on any of George R.R Martin’s work. However, the author might be involved in setting the primary plotline of the show. 

As mentioned earlier, ever since concluding itself back in 2019, Game of Thrones has widely been regarded as having one of the worst endings in television history. The backlash was so immense that creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss were reportedly fired from an unnamed Star Wars project. 

However, throughout the course of the eight seasons, Harington has been nominated for two Emmys as the supporting actor and lead actor in a drama series category. He was also recently seen in Marvel’s Eternals movie as Dane Whitman, who was teased to have a bigger role in the upcoming MCU projects. 

HBO is set to drop the House of the Dragon prequel series starring Matt Smith this year, which will be based on the House Targaryen civil war known as ‘Dance of the Dragons.’ Although, when asked about the potential Jon Snow spinoff, the television network is said to have declined to comment. Safe to say, we know nothing. 

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