Robert Pattinson as Batman has been something every DC fan is looking forward to ever since the casting news was announced.

According to Variety, it has been revealed that Pattinson is getting paid $3 Million. That figure ranks the lowest in a new report that has been released by the publication, which documents the salaries of some of Hollywood’s biggest names. In comparison, Chris Pine is set to earn $11.5 million for his upcoming role in the epic fantasy Dungeons And Dragons.

Meanwhile, Daniel Craig has received $100 million to appear in the two sequels to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, which will be screened on Netflix, and Dwayne Johnson walked away with $30 million for Amazon Studios‘ holiday adventure Red One.

Pattinson is reportedly worth $100 million and, according to Vulture. He was paid $40 million in total for the final two Twilight films. Apart from this, he was paid $2 million for the first film when he was still a relatively new actor. The Batman will arrive in US cinemas on March 4, 2022, and co-stars Colin Farrell, Zoë Kravitz and Andy Serkis.


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Christopher Nolan, who worked with Pattinson in his latest film Tenet, revealed that he advised Pattinson on how to play Batman. In a new interview with CNA, Nolan shared how he maintained “a respectful silence” on the set of Tenet after he first heard about Pattinson playing Batman. As the film came close to wrapping up, Nolan decided to thaw the silence, and eventually ended up joking and having conversations about it, where Nolan even shared some advice.

“He certainly did not ask me for any advice. We kept a respectful silence around the issue ’til very near the end of the shoot. We said a couple of things and made a couple of jokes. We did have a little bit of a conversation about the various aspects of what he was going to be putting himself through. But I was thrilled that he was cast. I think that he’ll do an amazing job and I’m really excited to see what he does with that character.”

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