Hold on, when did Anushka Sharma tie the knot with Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan? Did they have a Lake Como wedding? And where’s Virat Kohli? No, Virushka are still a thing, it’s just that google has some things mixed up.

When you type ‘Rashid Khan wife’ on Google, Anushka Sharma’s name shows up. A short bio of Rashid is added as well, where his marital status reads, ‘Married’. The wife? Anushka Sharma. The date of the wedding? December 11, 2017, the exact same date Anushka Sharma got married to Indian skipper Virat Kohli.



So, why did this happen? It’s quite a simple explanation. Back in 2018, Khan was asked to name his favourite Bollywood actress. The cricketer named Preity Zinta and Anushka Sharma. Since then, his liking to Sharma started trending and the news was everywhere. So, Google just assumed they’re together. Quite a simple misunderstanding that has been fixed now.




Don’t worry, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are still here, with a little one on the way, and we still stan Virushka.