Harry Styles sets the stage on fire every time he goes up on it. And it is not just his performances that leave his fans impressed, it’s also his sartorial choices. However, he may be a style icon for many, it’s Adam Sandler who took the lead to become 2021’s most stylish star according to Google.

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The actor continues to steal hearts one pair of baggy shorts and a loose t-shirt at a time. Despite his stature and a $400m net worth, Sandler is always spotted wearing the most casual outfits. “He’s the ultimate ‘f*** you’ of fashion,” style expert Robert Verdi told The Post. “He looks like he’s on his way to rehab, but people love it because it’s authentic,” he added.

Despite no film releases this year, Sandler’s popularity grew as his everyday streetwear made headlines to beat Britney Spears (No. 2), Harry Styles (No. 6) and Lizzo (No. 9) and become the top search in Google’s ‘celebrity outfits’ search category. What makes Sandler relatable is that, like most teens and off-duty leggy models, he is also a fan of Ugg boots.

Attributing the Brooklyn native’s newfound fashion fame to the pandemic, Verdi added, “His ‘f—k it’ look resonates with people now more than ever because that’s real life. No one is walking around in Dior and diamonds. People like the fact that he’s comfortable just being himself.”

“In the wake of Covid, we’ve all realized that materialism doesn’t matter. He’s representing what we all did during the lockdown, which was staying in the same sweats for a week, not taking a shower every day and wearing old house shoes to walk the dog,” concluded Verdi, who clearly is impressed by the choices Adam Sandler makes.

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