Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood, but their love story came to an end in 2019 with one of the ugliest divorces in the history of Hollywood splits. While the couple’s separation was finalised two years back, the duo is still fighting over the custody of their six children. Amid this custody battle, the Maleficent star has accused her ex-husband of domestic abuse as well. Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt’s other ex-wife, has however decided to come in support of the actor. It is being reported that post the ugly turn in Pitt and Jolie’s divorce proceedings, he and Aniston have become close to each other.

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According to reports in The Mirror, Pitt was disheartened and shocked to know that his ex-wife has accused him of domestic abuse. He turned to his Friends co-star for support, who assured him that she will be by his side no matter what. Reports suggest that Pitt and Jolie’s eldest son, Maddox, has also testified against him. The Mr and Mrs Smith actress has even claimed that she can produce evidence of domestic abuse against her in the court. Upon learning this news, Aniston reportedly told Pitt that she is ready to appear in court if needed, as well, for him.

A source close to Aniston has also revealed that the actress is doing everything possible to help Pitt. The source further added that as soon as the allegations were made by Jolie, The Morning Show star was on the phone with Pitt to support him. Her words of encouragement and comfort have been a great aid for The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor.

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Pitt and Jolie got hitched in 2014, after being together for over ten years. The actress filed for divorce in 2016 citing unresolvable differences. The divorce has grown uglier since then with the couple reportedly spending a million each on it so far. The private judge hired by the couple charges an estimated $900 to £1,000 an hour. Considering that the youngest kids, Knox and Vivienne, are still 12, the custody battle could go on for a while until they turn 18, resulting in a lot of expenditure on both sides.