With each passing day, the Friends Reunion special episode is getting even more real. From what started as a rumour in 2020, the special episode has finally been shot with the original cast in LA. Details about the shoot have been surfacing online ever since David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, and Matt LeBlanc shot for the episode last week. Fans got to see a picture of Perry getting ready for his shot, and also got to see a glimpse of the set that has been erected in Warner Bros. Studio.

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The latest development about the show is, however, even more interesting. The team behind Friends Reunion has planned to incorporate some original props in its upcoming nostalgic special. These props will include the famous water fountain and also the original set. A source close to the production revealed to TMZ that the makers used the show’s old stage for the shoot as well.

The reunion was shot over the time of three days at Warner Brothers Studios. While we know that the original cast will be returning for the special episode, no details about the new cast have been shared yet. Earlier, Schwimmer had revealed that the cast will be appearing on the show as themselves and won’t be playing their characters. The 54-year-old actor also hinted at a surprise segment of the special episode.

Schwimmer had also addressed the rumours that suggested Ellen DeGeneres had been booked for hosting the special Friends Reunion episode on SiriusXM’s talk show Radio Andy. Shutting down the probability of her involvement in the show, the actor had said, “I can tell you it’s not Ellen, and it’s not Billy Crystal. I can tell you who it’s not, but that’ll take a while, probably.”

The sitcom’s reunion was initially announced in February 2020 and was scheduled to premiere in May the same year, but it was delayed momentarily due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.