Gal Gadot might be one of the most consequential stars in Hollywood, but the actress is struggling with a lot of issues as a working woman in the industry. Even in 2021, when asked what her biggest struggle has been, Gadot said that it is the pay disparity between her and her male co-stars. Back when her 2017 superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman had released, stories that the actress was paid less than what her male counterparts earned in similar roles had surfaced online, and even after so many years, the actress still feels she is a victim of it.

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During a virtual global press conference for her latest National Geographic series Impact With Gal Gadot, she said, “My biggest struggle as a woman has been equal pay as my male co-stars, (all of) whom I love so much. As a woman, that has been the biggest thing. As a human being, I have struggled with many other problems. But the thing that I fought for the most, was equal pay with my male stars.”

Talking about her new project, Impact With Gal Gadot, the 35-year-old actress has come on board as an executive producer for the same. Talking about her association with National Geographic, Gadot said, “There’s something so refreshing to surround yourself and to hear, to see stories that are driven by good and goodwill… What makes the show unique is that you see women who come from problematic backgrounds- whether it’s discrimination, natural disasters, or loss. Whatever it might be, they don’t let it put them down. They use the pain that they are struggling with and turn it into something positive that can affect other people.”

Gadot hopes that the docu-series helps in reminding people that they hold the power to bring about a change, even if it looks vague in the start. The series would then premiere on National Geographic Channel India in the coming months.