With an action-packed, mind-bending, and globetrotting drama, Disney+ Hotstar is now streaming Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight. Directed by Mohamed Diab, and filmmaking duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the series is laden with Egyptian mythology and iconography that features a new MCU hero who is vengeful and complex. With its darker, mature themes, the series pushes the boundaries of the ever-evolving MCU storytelling with an intense, mysterious, and thematically edgy series of events. 

Starring Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac in the lead, it also features Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy, and others. You can watch the series in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

Marvel Studios Moon Knight Oscar Issac

Talking about how the team behind Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight’ worked to create the character from scratch, executive Producer Grant Curtis shares his experience, “There are multiple aspects of ‘Moon Knight’ that get us internally jazzed at Marvel Studios. But one of the unique aspects of this character is it’s taking Marvel Studios to its Iron Man and Tony Stark roots. That was a character that was obviously built from the ground up, and it is the same with Marc Spector.”

He added, “We’re absolutely embracing the supernatural aspects of what was in publishing, the Egyptian gods, this ruthless Egyptian god Khonshu that manipulates Marc to do his bidding. We’re embracing all that. We love stuff that goes bump in the night.”

During the conceptualization, the team was given every comic book that Moon Knight had ever appeared in, along with numerous reference books on ancient Egyptian culture and the various Egyptian deities. To get the facts right, experts also visited the team regularly, and this included an Egyptian archaeologist.

Elaborating on how Moon Knight is a brand-new character for the audience to explore, he said, “There’s no attachment to the current MCU.” He added, “He’s brand-new, and he is going on a brand-new adventure. We really think the fans are going to enjoy it.”

To find out how Marc Spector embraces the chaos in Marvel Studios’ ‘Moon Knight,’ watch the live-action original series only on Disney+ Hotstar.