Money Heist is coming back for one final season. Needless to say, it is bittersweet for the fans. The cast, however, is emotional too, having already bid adieu to these characters they have played and been for years. Alvaro Morte has given an insight into his mindset at an exclusive virtual set visit from Spain recently.

“I can’t tell you how the series is going to end. What I can tell you is that it is a season with a lot of tension, a lot of action, and it’s very exciting. And that’s very rewarding for an actor, but you have to get into that mindset and it’s quite exhausting, in a good way,” Alvaro said during the set visit.

“The best memory I have, without a doubt, is the team. Of course, my connection with this character has given me a lot. I have a great time every time The Professor has to do his thing. We knew from the beginning that this was a very tough project. To do this kind of series, here in Spain, when things had not been done with so much action, was a very tough thing. You had to put yourself in this team’s hands. That feeling of working together, like a well-oiled machine, so this could turn out well has been a great experience,” Alvaro added during the virtual meet.

“You know that you’re filming the last one, which also becomes quite difficult because on the one hand you’re very engaged in the scene, yet on the other, there’s a part of your brain that’s telling you: ‘Hey, this might be the last time you do this with The Professor, right?’ So, you know, there have been some pretty tough moments there,”

Morte understands the Professor to be “an incredible nerd, a kind of outsider, a geek,” who’s unlike the stereotypical masterminds we’ve seen in heist dramas. “One thing I like about him is that you never get to know him completely, there’s always something going on in the background, behind those eyes, behind those glasses, which is always a bit cryptic, but also something I really like about The Professor.”

Alvaro Morte picked the junkyard scene in season one as his most favourite. “He has to get out of his comfort zone, his surroundings in the hangar, and get into action. When we did that sequence, we said, ‘The Professor in action can also tell a story, it can also be entertaining to see this guy, with all the problems he has, playing the hero when he really isn’t one.’ And it opened up a whole world in that direction.”

Reminiscing the last day on set, Alvaro concluded how parting with a team with whom he has worked for four years, wasn’t easy. “I cried like there was no tomorrow. Yeah, there was a lot of crying, but I’m very grateful, very grateful.”

He signed off as Sergio, also known as The Professor.


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