Shia LaBeouf’s career came to a halt in 2017.

According to the statement from the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, the actor approached a bystander and a police officer asking for a cigarette and became disorderly, using profanities and vulgar language, when he wasn’t given a cigarette. Further, it was reported by Variety that videos of LaBeouf were surfaced where he was seen telling a black police officer that he will go to hell because of his skin colour.

He later apologised and said in a statement: “My outright disrespect for authority is problematic, to say the least, and completely destructive to say the worst”. The actor mentioned that he’s been struggling with addiction and that he’s taking new steps toward sobriety.

Recently, Tahliah Barnett, aka FKA Twigs, has shared her grieving experience with the actor with the New York Times. The two dated for about one year in 2018 and 2019, after working together on the film, Honey Boo. Now, she’s suing him for sexual battery, assault and infliction of emotional distress.

“Shia LaBeouf hurts women,” states the lawsuit, obtained by Variety. “He uses them. He abuses them, both physically and mentally. He is dangerous.” She also claimed that her year-long relationship with LaBeouf has been “the worst thing I’ve ever been through in the whole of my life.”

According to the lawsuit, while filming The Tax Collector, LaBeouf got so into character that he took on the role of a gangster in real life and drove around Los Angeles, shooting stray dogs dead so that he could get into the mindset of a killer. Barnett was “profoundly disturbed and terrified” by his actions.

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Aside from Barnett, Karolyn Pho also described her traumatic experiences with LaBeouf. The stylist was in a relationship with the actor in 2011, according to New York Daily News. Pho said that LaBeouf head-butted and pinned her on the bed during a drunken rage. Now, it has been reported that the actor has been completely blacklisted from Hollywood, according to a report by 

He is not attached to any upcoming projects and won’t be considered for any further high profile roles.